Bidding on Contracts? Proposal Toolkit - Done With You

Bidding on Contracts?
Proposal Toolkit - Done With You

Capture the attention of larger buyers by crafting messages that truly resonate with your target audience with 1:1 consulting.


Be ready for BIG business!

Create a path to move forward to expand through contracting.

Small businesses: think of this as a business development package to get in front of large buyers.

-Get a fresh perspective on what you are truly selling and how more customers can benefit from it
-We will coach you to communicate your value to create a HEADLINE, COMPANY DESCRIPTION, and DIFFERENTIATORS to repurpose.

-Done for you Capability Statement. We will write and design your Capability Statement so you're ready to impress government and corporate buyers.

-We will coach you to create your 60-Sec Intro video script and support you as you record it.
-Apply SEO techniques to discover words that will make your vendor profile show up in more search results

*BONUS* Free Class Pass

Attend a group workshop to identify contracting opportunities.

Prospective buyers give you about 10 seconds.
If the message is not clear, they keep it moving. 

GUIDED Sessions | Consulting Package