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MASTERCLASS - Communicate Your Value to Corporate Clients with a Capability Statement

Hosted by Melanie Rae

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Capture the Attention of Corporate Clients

A Capability Statement is a critical document for any small business that wants to compete for corporate or government contracts.

Discover what you're capable of selling to large buyers

In this live webinar you will:

  • Turn shocking statistics about government spending  into opportunities for your business

  • Brainstorm how to introduce your business to large buyers so they say "I want to refer you to my colleague who buys..."

  • Learn how to create one of the most talked about documents in procurement - the Capability Statement.

We are thrilled to express our gratitude for Guided Business Plan's Capabilities Statement course, which has been instrumental in empowering entrepreneurs from Babson College's Black Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership program. The course offered more than just exceptional customer service; it provided our participants with an action-oriented framework that was pivotal in creating or refining their capabilities statements. The dedication and commitment demonstrated by Melanie Rae went above and beyond, resulting in the generation of new and innovative ideas for business opportunities. This course not only equipped our entrepreneurs with the essential tools for pursuing corporate clients or government contracts but also had a profound impact on the profitability of their capabilities statements. We highly recommend Guided Business Plan for their outstanding support and expertise in fostering entrepreneurial success.” 

Babson College’s Frank & Eileen™ Center for
Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership

"We have templates that make it so easy to create a professional development. We've worked with established businesses who were grateful that we helped them identify new customer markets."

Melanie Rae, Chief Learning Designer
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