60 Seconds to Your 6-Figure Contract--LIVE

60-Seconds to Your 6-Figure Contract

Expedite meetings with decision makers with a 60-Sec Intro Video


60 minutes to a powerful 60 second intro!

We have exceled in connecting diverse suppliers to contracting opportunities with our business pitch coaching.

Do you want to sell to corporations and the government?

  • Craft the perfect 60-second video to get corporate buyers to take notice 
  • Learn our simple framework to create variations for different clients 
  • Write a draft within the "work session" 
  • Use this method to stand out at business matchmaking tradeshows 

Watch how we revised a 60-sec script in
5 minutes...register to simplify create your video!

 GUIDED continuity statement



Unlock the power of this framework that can be utilized over and over to introduce your value


Is your offer clear? Will a buyer clearly understand what you do and the real benefits of your offer?


Apply our "4 Winning Words" to research a specific problem your ideal client may have and tailor your introduction.


Move forward faster with feedback from an expert as well as other entrepreneurs... perfect your pitch!

"Utilities have sponsored us to teach vendors how to pitch to their buyers. 100% of the Vendor Showcases have resulted in immediate requests for meetings."

Melanie Rae, Chief Learning Designer, Guided Business Plan

We coached MANY business owners to create amazing videos to impress corporate clients!