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"We believe that when ambitious business owners are asked to document their dreams, they make it happen. Guided Business Plan’s mission is to guide 100,000 urban entrepreneurs through our books, online GUIDED Academy and classroom training materials."

-Melanie Rae, creator of the national GUIDED Business Plan™ training platform


Our team at Guided Business Plan has design high-impact entrepreneur education programs have helped our clients earn millions in sponsorship dollars over the past ten years.

McDonalds sponsored 350 people to attend a 6-week course at 14 YWCA USA locations. YWCA Miami-Dade and YWCA Chicago utilized variations of the program which significantly increased chatter on their social networks. The YWCA Chicago consistently had standing-room only in their GUIDED Business Plan™ class.
We created the curriculum for Top Shelf Retail, a flagship program to train small consumer goods producers on how to sell to mass retailers. It has been sponsored by Walgreens for at least six cohorts. The staff and guest speakers took the program to another level leading to other major retailers emulating its success.
Melanie was a 4-time WBENC WeThrive instructor teaching close to 600 women how to create Continuity Statements to gain the trust of corporate buyers with her proprietary framework. We have designed and facilitated signature programs for WBEC-West, WBEC-South, WBEC-Pacific, WBDC and CWE.
We have become an expert in teaching diverse vendors how to navigate procurement in the water industry. As instructional designers our projects range from year-long cohorts to Meet the Primes to internal diversity champions manuals. Graduates have earned millions in contracts.

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"Hi Melanie, You were amazing today! Although I’ve had the pleasure of working with you planning the Top Shelf cohort curriculum and workbooks for the last three years, I’ve never had the opportunity to hear you present to a class. You are a natural born educator/trainer!!! It was great seeing you in action, interacting with the participants and teaching them what they need to know about Business Continuity Planning. Thank you for sharing your time and talent and knowledge with us today…especially at the crack of dawn Pacific time 😊."

Cynthia J. Johnson
Director, Established Business Services,  Women's Business Development Center, Chicago
"I recently completed the Guided Business Plan cohort with WBEC Pacific. I was unsure if I should attend, given my twenty-two year tenure as a WBE/MBE supplying goods and services to corporations globally. When I learned the program was geared for Woman of Color-I was honored to be admitted. This has been a tremendous eye-opener for my business and how we serve new and existing customers.

The Guided Business Plan program refreshed, renewed and enabled me to re-visit my pitch, capability statement, matchmaking skills, one on one corporate communications, outgoing emails to corporations and even how to effectively follow up. " 
Pam Isom

ICE Safety Solutions

I loved the expertise and experience of the presenter. Her dedication to her business showed in the program.
I was pushed out of my comfort zone and accomplished and received more information than expected.
Capabilities Statement was POWERFUL.  And “Melanie had high energy and engagement for 3 straight hours...AMAZING!”
"I used your book when I was at the Edge around 2015. It was literally the heartbeat for my business. It was so specific on how to do a business plan. It's great. I had to buy another one for a new business I'm doing with my wife.