Employee to Consultant CEO

Restless Retirees: Transition to Consultant

Earn income by owning your own consulting business.

Are you a young retiree?

In this live workshop you will:

  • Determine the value you can bring to a large corporation or small business
  • Create a package of your services
  • Discover apps/marketplaces to get noticed
  • Ask questions about launching a business

"Americans in their 50s and 60s are retiring in droves but are not ready to 'sit on a porch.' Many are moving to different countries but still want to earn money working remotely. This it the perfect forum to brainstorm your NEXT."

Melanie Rae, Chief Learning Designer
Guided Business Plan

GUIDED | Live Workshop

Create a path to move your goals forward

  1. Tell us about your career and we'll give you ideas to sell your talents to businesses
  2. Hear from others on a similar path to learn how they are generating "fun" income
  3. Learn how to start the process to introduce your value to your favorite type of customer
  4. Leave with a plan to move forward and inspiration to make it happen!

Questions? Email us at partner@guidedplans.com