AI for Small Business - a step by step workshop

GUIDED AI for Small Businesses

Create more with less time....learn the essentials and beyond


AI. Meet the newest member of your team.

In this hands-on activity we will show you how we have saved more than 300+ hours using AI (we started in 2021) by showing you what's possible.

Unleashing the Power
of AI Apps: 

In this on-demand course you will:

  •  Automate tedious tasks and free up valuable time 
  •  Bring your curiosity...we'll ask for volunteers and work on projects using AI prompts
  •  Reduce reliance on expensive contractors 
  • Gain a competitive edge with research-based prompts

A 1-Hour Class for Small Businesses to Achieve Huge Cost Savings

"I still get amazed at the outcomes even though I've been using AI since 2021 to develop marketing text and now as an essential tool for research."

Melanie Rae, Chief Learning Designer
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