Employees: Your Blueprint for Fearlessly Pitching Innovative Ideas to Your Boss

Employees: Your Blueprint for Fearlessly Pitching Innovative Ideas to Your Boss

Learn our simple framework to expedite meetings with decision makers.


From Fear to Clear in 60 Seconds!

This 60-minute online training session is designed to empower employees at Fortune 1000 companies to craft compelling pitches to secure buy-in from decision-makers.

Are you looking to secure a "yes" from your managers more effectively? 

  • Master the Art of Getting a Yes: Acquire a simple yet powerful framework that equips you with the skills to secure a positive response from decision-makers. 
  • Boost Your Confidence: Gain the confidence to pitch almost anything, knowing that you have a structured approach to guide you towards success. 
  • Enhance Team Efficiency: Explore how you can bring back this knowledge to your team, enabling everyone to pitch their ideas succinctly in 60 seconds, leading to more efficient and productive meetings.

Watch how we revised a 60-sec script in
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 GUIDED 4 Steps to a yes



Unlock the power of this framework that can be utilized over and over to introduce your value


Is your offer clear? Will your manager understand the benefits and outcome of saying YES to you? 


Apply our "4 Winning Words" to research supporting information to get support your ASK.


Move forward faster with feedback from an expert as well as other employees... perfect your pitch!

"We have taught this framework to entrepreneurs who have secured 6-figure contracts. Imagine what you can ASK your boss and executives for."

Melanie Rae, Chief Learning Designer
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We coached MANY business owners to create amazing videos to impress corporate clients!

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