Thinking about government contracting? Start here.

Intro to Government + Corporate Contracting. ON-DEMAND COURSE: Available on Mar 27, 2024

Thinking about government contracting? Start here.

They have to buy from someone.

Trillions of dollars are spent with those willing to say "I can do the work". Build your confidence to pursue bigger ASKs with our GUIDED approach.

Are you a solopreneur or
small business owner?

In this on-demand course you will:

  • See how your company could possibly grow with government and corporate contracts
  • Understand why larger buyers could possibly buy from you
  • Build your confidence by knowing procurement terms
  • Get a clear understanding of how to start pursuing government contracts
 intRo to corporate and government contracts


"Small Business Administration's APEX Accelerators (formerly called PTACs) utilized our books and classroom materials to guide hundreds of diverse suppliers who wanted to understand how to get started with government contracts."

Melanie Rae, Chief Learning Designer
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