Win more contracts in the water industry

Finding Opportunities in the WATER Industry

Gain a competitive edge using this TOOL that diverse vendors often overlook.

The CWA spent $330 million with diverse vendors... what can you sell?

The California Water Association represents privately-owned water utilities. Learn a tool that is essential for any vendor that wants to sell to any water utility in the United States governed by a board of Commissioners (that's almost all of them!)

Small business - do you want to win contracts in the WATER industry?

Attend the live class and you will...

  • Gain an overview of how procurement works in the water industry
  •  Discover contracting opportunities with this underutilized tool
  •  Learn how to use 3 tools to find forecasted projects
  •  Work with your peers - leave with clear next steps
 GUIDED water industry opportunities



Discover how your company can add value to their supply chain regardless of your size


Learn how to start the research and find out exactly what they will spend to competitively bid


Propose a solution based on the research we uncover -- stand apart based on data and facts


Prepare for bid announcements so you can respond with industry insights that will get you noticed

"Utilities have sponsored us to teach vendors how to pitch to water industry decision makers. 100% of the Vendor Showcases have resulted in immediate requests for meetings."

Melanie Rae, Chief Learning Designer
Guided Business Plan | Plan with Peers